Sunday, March 7, 2010

Go buy Marvel omnibuses from Amazon right now!

Thanks to a tip from Bleeding Cool, go to Amazon as quickly as possible and scoop up the Marvel Omnibus titles you've been putting off buying. Normally priced anywhere from $75 to $100, tons of these books are currently selling on the site for $14.99 all the way down to $8.49!

Titles include X-Men Omnibus Vol. 1, Wolverine Omnibus Vol. 1, The Ultimates Omnibus Vol. 1, Secret Wars and Secret Wars IIGolden Age Marvel Comics and even the non-Marvel $125 Madman Gargantua! I picked up a few of these myself, as these prices are almost too good to be true .... so let's hope this isn't a glitch that will result in the worst-case scenario of Amazon not honoring these prices.


aaron said...

thanks for the tip, i just ordered at least $250 worth of books for $31. amazon has been known to honor their glitches in the past, i remember a similar thing happening with the preorder for one of the absolute sandman books.

Fanboy Wife said...

My husband expects to have Amazon cancel his order.

Parker Bennett said...

Sorry, no more.