Monday, January 2, 2012

Drinking to a Happy, Comics-Filled 2012

I'm celebrating the new year today, so a happy 2012 to everyone! These beers are served in some of the excellent Toon Tumblers my wife gave me for Christmas. I especially love the Dave Cockrum X-Men design. See you soon!


Jay said...

WHERE did you get the Avengers tumbler? MUST. HAVE.

Tom McLean said...

It was a gift, so I'll have to ask and get back to you. The company that makes them is at, so you might check there. They also show up at conventions from time to time.

A warning for those who have these or want to get these: Do NOT put them in the dishwasher! I had a few of these where the designs were completely destroyed by dishwasher additives and/or just a few runs through the machine. I now hand wash all of them with love to ensure they'll be around a long time.