Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wolverine Reactions Trickle In

I'm seeing X-Men Origins: Wolverine tonight, so I'll post my thoughts tomorrow. I'd largely been avoiding watching clips or reading too much about the film in buildup to its release.

But I have read a few reviews as they've come out: Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have little love for Logan's solo outing. David Poland at The Hot Blog says it's not great, but not bad either. And L.A. Times critic Kenneth Turan, whose review last week of The Soloist I couldn't have disagreed with more, likes the film.

I also think it's interesting that there is no ad for the movie's opening in today's Calendar section of the L.A. Times. Perhaps Fox feels the shrinking number of newspaper readers are not the target audience for this movie, which will surely score a nice large take at the box office.

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I am looking forward to reading your thoughts